01/10/2012 13:46

Beautiful! If only I was more brave..not necessarily for the pain I am sure it has caused during the process but just to make that leap to do something so large. I only have one tattoo and want to get another one but still havent decided what and where.

01/11/2012 08:59

Oh but you ARE brave. Once the just-right idea comes to you, I've no doubt you'll make it happen. I got a slew of tattoos in my early twenties, but it'd been five years since my last. This one is by far my best and brightest, my 'grown up' tattoo, as I think of it. It's not quite finished, but when it is I'll show it off here in earnest and tell the back-story. And I'll keep an eye on your blog for any emerging ink! Thanks for visiting Jenn!

01/12/2012 09:34

Beautiful. Avoid the elbow if you can ;)

01/12/2012 19:58

I'll heed that advice, Hipster Mom (though I love your new elbow heart!); I know the arm is supposed to be easy, but it was all I could do to keep mine still on this one. I don't recall any of my other tats hurting so intensely-- this made my arm swell for several days, too. Yowza. But... worth it. Going back in for detail work, too. Gimme more!


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