We joined Kaspar for an early birthday celebration at his school this morning. (He's actually turning three on Monday). Aaron and I shared photos and stories from when Kas was one and two, his class sang him a song as he "walked around the sun" three times, and he proudly distributed his homemade (hypoallergenic) chocolate chip cookies to his friends and teachers. It was pure sweetness. 

In other news, I've been sick for a week! (Don't worry, I'm not contagious at this point; those cute kiddos won't get sick on my account!) We'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming here on Alt-Mama just as soon as I'm feeling halfway normal again. ... Which better happen soon. Sheesh. 
02/08/2013 18:24

Wow, three already?

Hope you feel better soon!

02/21/2013 10:28

I know, right? Three happened fast! Thanks for the get-well wishes -- I'm feeling much better. :-)

02/15/2013 08:46

Hey Taylor I read your post at Parenting today and wanted to comment so here I am again! (If there is a way to comment at Parenting can you please let me know? I can't figure it out!) Here's my answer regarding your body image questions. I gained an excessive amount of weight with my 1st pregnancy. 55 lbs to be exact. I went a little crazy eating whatever I wanted and was too exhausted the whole time to get any real workouts in. I take full responsibility for gaining too much weight, and plan to do much better the 2nd time around. I'm not making excuses, but I think that since I had always been a smallish person I had assumed that my body wouldn't let me gain too much. I thought at some point it would just stop and I wouldn't gain anymore. But to my great disappointment I gained consistently throughout the whole pregnancy. I don't remember being weighed at the Dr. and the number ever not going up! Obviously with that kind of weight gain on my small frame it did some damage. (I'm only 5 ft) I gained weight everywhere, which left stretchmarks bellow my belly button, on both my sides, and on both of my inner thighs. It's been 13 months since I had my daughter and they've faded some, but have not disappeared. However, I can proudly say I have worked hard and lost all of the weight. But my body is not the same. I eat healthy (most of the time) and work out regularly, but my lower stomach is still a little flabby despite numerous situps. Like you, I was younger when I had my daughter (I was 23) and I had a fairly high regard for my physique. Unfortunately, because of these changes I'd say pregnancy definitely changed my body image for the worst. But I try not to focus on the negative so much and think about all the things I do like about the way I look. On most days I do pretty well and can say I am still confident in myself. The one time of year I get pretty down about it though is in the summer. Since I have still obvious stretchmarks and a slightly flabby tummy I now wear one piece bathing suits and I really miss my bikinis! I doubt I'll ever wear one again. But of course at the end of the day sacrificing my body for my child is worth it. I would never give up the opportunity to have my beautiful baby girl, even if it meant a hundred more stretchmarks! Congrats on only gaining 18 lbs with your first, I wish I had been that lucky!

02/21/2013 10:36

Thanks for your comment Kelsi! The comment functionality on Parenting.com is a Facebook thing -- if you're signed into Facebook, you should be able to see all of the comments on Parenting, and to leave your own comments there (below the posts).

I'm glad you can still feel confident about your body! And good for you for losing the baby weight! Pregnancy does a number, that's for sure; I of course still want to look good (and was lucky in that I didn't gain much weight with Kaspar, and I bounced back pretty quickly), but I also found that I'm just so busy and my life is about more than looking hot -- I don't think about it as much. I like to dress up if I go out in the evening or something, but I'm fine with jeans, converse and a top-knot on busy, normal days! Whatever, right? I don't care if I look like a mom. (No mom jeans on this mom, though... hells no.) Just to reassure you, too, it took until Kaspar was about two -- and maybe even longer, maybe until he was really sleeping through the night, which took forever for us -- before my body returned to what felt like a normal state for me. I swear it was the sleep that did it. I was going to yoga classes three times a week over this past summer and fall, and my body definitely remembered something about itself that pregnancy, childbirth, and sleep deprivation had obscured for a little while. Everyone said I looked great pretty much right away, but I FELT normal only at that point, pretty recently. I know, for this next time, that it takes time -- quite a bit of time -- and I'll remember to be patient. You be patient with your body, too, k? And yeah, love on yourself for having a beautiful, healthy baby and for being able to do all you do. :-)


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