My lower back, living the good life.
Kaspar's first year was, while wonderful and joyful, also—in a nutshell-- really, incredibly difficult for all of us; he had terrible eczema, barely slept, vomited constantly and frequently displayed what I now realize were major histamine/pre-anaphylactic reactions. It all culminated in a major anaphylactic episode just about a month after his first birthday (we had Epi pens on hand, thankfully, but it was a pretty traumatic experience for all of us. I wrote about the event on my Parenting.com blog, here).

We went to an allergist and did extensive testing-- Kaspar is highly allergic to dozens of foods-- but that doctor really didn't offer much beyond avoidance and directives to use steroids and constant Benadryl (I’m talking 24/7) to try to quell our nighttime misery (we'd have to physically restrain a screaming Kaspar from clawing at his skin... We were clocking only three hours of interrupted sleep nightly. It was bad). Steroids only helped for as long as we used them, but since there are serious side effects to long term exposure, and the doctors were clearly unsure of how much was too much, I was just not down for this approach (as much as we all craved sleep). The Benadryl didn't do very much, either.

I understood that this was a systemic problem and really wanted to do more than stick an insufficient and hazardous band-aid on it. We tried homeopathy, but that didn't work, and since our circumstances were so extreme, I didn't feel we were able to really experiment with it (under a practitioner's care) enough to find our magic remedy. I called a good friend, Colleen, one afternoon, in tears. I was exhausted. I’d bought every product on the market that claimed to help with eczema. I’d spent every day at work with one hand in professional doings and another sifting through information on this stuff. We'd found a new family for our two cats, and purchased a crazy powerful HEPA air purifier for our bedroom. We weren't getting anywhere. Kaspar’s eczema was obvious, but we’d been living our lives during this time (returning to work in NYC, then moving halfway across the country, immediately picking up with work and freelance/creative pursuits in Austin, and— significantly— truly enjoying all that is new-parenthood; Kaspar has a perpetually delightful disposition in spite of these challenges). Few of our friends and family really understood the extent of what was happening.

“Oh my God, Taylor,” Colleen said. “You guys need help. This has to change.” She had an idea, too: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Lots of people had offered ideas, and I’d tried every natural remedy known to man, so I wasn’t deeply invested in the suggestion when Colleen brought it up. I was, however, willing to try it. I’d received acupuncture several years earlier, with fantastic results, but I’d done recent cursory research on baby acupuncture and deduced that children need to be able to stay voluntarily still before they become eligible for acupuncture treatment (Kaspar wasn’t there yet). I’d assumed Chinese herbs were simply supplementary to the needles, so hadn’t considered that they might constitute a course of treatment in and of themselves. But when I called the local Acupuncture school here in Austin, which has both professional and intern clinics, the woman on the phone relayed the doctor’s assertion that we could, in fact, treat Kaspar. With herbs. Click "read more" below and prepare to have your mind blown.

We saw the head doctor there, a PhD, actually. The visit stood in stark contrast to our appointments with the allergist (by that point we’d had several); this doctor asked extensive questions, carefully (and gently) examined Kaspar… really took his time. His office was calming and clean. His diagnosis was exactly that of the Western doctor’s: Kaspar’s antibodies were way out of whack, and thus his body perceived harmless foods and substances as threatening. But, unlike the entire field of Western medicine, he claimed that this problem is, in fact, treatable. He also said it’d take some time.

He prescribed raw herbs (about ten different varieties) that we boil and put in Kaspar's bottle (Kaspar drinks hemp milk). Within two weeks, the constant scratching subsided. It's now been two months, and Kaspar's skin is CLEAR. He looks like a different baby. He looks the way he did while we used the steroids, actually, but without the torturous rebound effect, and without the risks. He hasn't vomited once since we started the herbs, and there have been no histamine reactions. None. We’ve been given our lives back. Kaspar has been given the world.

Raw herbs are mixed and measured by the practitioners themselves according to a full-system (as opposed to symptom-chasing) diagnosis.
Kaspar's eating a very limited diet (meats, and a couple of veggies he tested only semi-allergic to), but we’re slowly introducing new foods, too. We’re not, like, feeding him peanuts, but we’re giving him some things he didn’t used to tolerate very well, and so far, so good. We’re also doing NAET treatments, as per the suggestions of some of the Parenting.com blog readers. They’re pretty out there: I hold vials of “B complex” and “sugar” while touching Kaspar, and the practitioner whacks points on my back, but I’ve had people more rational than I am swear up and down, in person, that NAET cleared their kids’ asthma, allergies, even Austism-spectrum symptoms. So we’re trying it. Why not?

Kaspar’s also not getting vaccinated anymore. Not for a while, anyway. His round of nine-month shots spun us into a hell-hole that I never want to revisit, so we’re keeping our distance for the time being. I think that was the downward turn, however, that inspired us to finally test for allergies, which got this big ball rolling… So, you know, silver linings and all.

My goal is that when we re-test next year, we'll see some serious changes on the allergy front. As in, seriously reduced/eliminated allergies. Aaron thinks that we will, and that many of the changes we’ve seen already are part of a natural progression away from allergic responses that would have happened anyway. I both agree and disagree: the correlation (and extent of change) between Kaspar’s state of being before and after beginning TCM is too dramatic to deny. But, the whole idea with TCM is that the treatments—whether acupuncture or herbs—suggest to one’s body that it should do something it already knows how to do (whereas pharmaceuticals force a change). In that sense, Kaspar’s positive response has definitely been a natural and inherent one.

I’m sold, obviously. I’ve even been getting acupuncture again, at the school’s intern clinic. I’m being treated for the year-plus of stress and extreme sleep dep. Not so good for the liver and kidneys, as I'm told. Whether or not my internal organs are in distress, I love acupuncture; I emerge from treatments feeling vaguely drunk, and I absolutely notice improved constitutional balance.

I guess the bottom line here is that our situation was feeling pretty stuck, but, as a mom, I kept looking, kept asking, and somehow got an answer. I’d read hundreds of accounts like this one espousing the benefits of some other ‘successful’ approach to treating kids’ eczema or allergy problems, and those didn’t work for us. Somehow, Traditional Chinese Medicine did. If your kid has eczema/allergies/asthma/etc., I encourage you find a good practitioner (the best around) and try it. And if it doesn’t work (though I’d bet high stakes that it will): keep pushing, keep looking, keep trying. You’ll find something. I promise.

06/15/2011 15:16

I am totally looking into this. I wound up in tears earlier today because I was doing research for an article I was writing on introducing solid foods to babies. All the research I did basically said that babies younger than 6 months are likely to develop food allergies later on if you feed them solid foods too early. We started at 4 months and OMG the GUILT.

We've been planning on waiting until he's 5 (just turned 2 on Monday!) and then trying a homeopathic remedy that worked really well for me years ago. But if I can introduce a few foods back into his diet and get him OFF the Singular/Zyrtec I will totally do it in a heart beat.

06/15/2011 19:27

Betsy, we started feeding Kaspar solids at four months, too; he'd definitely suffered from eczema and face-rubbing fits (histamine reactions) long before that, though, so while it probably worsened an already-bad situation to feed him peas (highly allergenic for him, as it turns out) and things early on, I don't think this actually caused the allergies to appear. Likely the case for you guys, too. I feel you on the guilt front-- looking back at photos of a swollen-faced, red, still-smiling but obviously uncomfortable Kaspar wrenches at my heart. I didn't know what was going on, or how to help him... But, he made it through okay, and we were doing our best, asking our questions and following whatever directions we could get our hands on (the ped told us at four months to just throw whatever we were eating into the blender and give that to Kaspar... probably fine for most babies, but not so much in our case). So. No guilt! Deal? (Thanks for the comment. xoxo)

06/15/2011 19:38

Oh, also-- I definitely recommend TCM, obviously, to kick your kiddo's system back into gear long before he's 5. We were doing Zyrtec/Benadryl on an alternating, 24-hour basis, and, suffice to say, haven't touched the stuff since starting the herbs. Let me know if you give this approach a shot!

06/21/2011 05:49

I went through a very similar journey in middle and high school. I was diagnosed with everything from laziness (we stopped seeing that doctor) rebellion (him too, quit that guy) and it must be her thyroid even though our tests say it is NOT her thyroid. Herbal supplements MASSIVE diet change (no preservatives, no procsessed sugars) and chiropractic care. But that stuff can be hard to find. Glad you find what is working for you!

06/21/2011 07:26

Wow, so interesting, Abby! I'm impressed that you WERE able to eventually find the combination of treatments that worked for you back in middle and high school. Those approaches weren't on my radar at all then (or my parents', who went more with the pop-a-pill-in-her angle in response to my rebellion). When I really boil it down, it seems to me that Western medicine wants too desperately to find one single source of a problem, and when it fails in that, it either misdiagnoses (Laziness? Seriously?) or says "Sorry, no dice" (allergies/eczema/etc). More holistic approaches, by definition, account for an entire systems' imbalance, and seek to right that balance instead of to simply label a single causative factor. Thanks for reading, and for sharing your experience! xo Taylor Alt-Mama

06/22/2011 14:33

I happened upon your blog for the first time today and am reading this post with the affirmed belief that there are no casual coincidences. My son is 9 months old and we went through it from November till March with him. Not quite as extreme as in your case, but almost. Though it's gotten MUCH better, Richie still has flair ups around his mouth - almost always - and his head, eyes and ears are still itchy although his skin looks clear. He is scheduled for his 3rd round of shots on Friday. I am sceptical to say the least. Can you tell me a bit about what you've heard regarding the connection between immunization and eczema? By the way, I'm also about to begin a TCM therapy with him, though this practitioner works with a tea -- which I drink and which he is supposed to reap the benefits of via breast milk. I'm also a bit unsure on that. Have you heard of any TCM methods other than the raw herbs?
I hope you don't mind my questioning....but yours is honestly the most concise and comprehendible discussion of infant eczema that i've come across. And, as I'm sure you know, this has been my sole reading material for months.....

06/22/2011 20:35

Emilie-- wow-- no casual coincidences indeed. I'm glad to hear things are so much better for Richie already, though sorry you've been through this. It's a very tough way to start things off, but it sounds like you've made great progress-- and you've already found your way to TCM. Awesome.

Okay, so, immunizations. It's a really contentious topic, but I can say from our experience that the nine month round of shots really, really worsened an already bad situation, and things didn't then turn around for the better until we started TCM. We held off on 12 months (and will continue to hold off for the time being) because one thing that IS known and agreed upon is that if a child is reacting badly to immunizations, those reactions will become more severe with each round. Immune system stuff is pretty nuts (and eczema/allergies are all related to inappropriate immune responses). I'm studying pathology right now as I become certified in massage therapy, and the range of disorders that wonky immune responses trigger is staggering, from rheumatoid arthritis (which can affect children) to diseases that affect bone, skin and muscle structure and function. I'm not saying that vaccinations will cause these problems, only that I didn't want to trigger Kaspar's immune system (which is what vaccinations are intended to do... while of course steroids then come in and suppress the whole system) while it is clearly still getting its bearings.

The allergist we saw, by the way, completely dismissed the connection between the shots and the eczema flare of doom. Our pediatrician didn't though-- many of the shots contain egg, and all of them contain weird preservatives-- and is totally down with us waiting for a while and potentially catching Kaspar up later. No one really knows very much about eczema, allergies and asthma, beyond symptomology, so I really encourage you to go with your gut on issues like this, and find a regular pediatrician who supports that.

Next up: TCM. I'd finished breast-feeding by the time we started all of this (and since Kaspar's allergic to so many things, I'm sure my breast milk actually aggravated some of his symptoms), but it does make sense that the benefits of the herbs would transfer through (though perhaps not as potently would be ideal?). What we put in Kaspar's bottles is basically a tea-- we 'decoct' the herbs by boiling them in a certain way, straining, and putting the liquid in his bottle. It's bitter, so diluting it in the hemp milk helps him get it down (he doesn't even notice the taste now). One batch lasts a couple of days. It sounds like your practitioner is planning to treat you with raw herbs (I'd go ahead and ask, to get clarity), and like the breast milk will serve as the delivery vehicle for Richie in the way that Kaspar's bottles work for him.

I absolutely know about the 'sole reading material' side of all of this, and what this chase in general, is like. It's brutal. I don't mind your questions at all, and it sounds to me like you're on the right track. Please let me know how the TCM works for you. We saw Kaspar's skin clear up (from full body rashes to almost nothing) in two weeks, and it took another one or two for the itching to subside (the TCM doc made one adjustment to the herbs in that period).

This stuff is so fascinating.

Lastly, although homeopathy didn't work for us, I did find a cream, called Florasone, that is a completely safe (and amazingly effective... trust me, we've tried everything, and most of it didn't help... at all) alternative to hydrocortizone. Our practitioner said we could use it on Kaspar, daily (multiple times), for as long as necessary. It got us through as we waited for the TCM to kick in.

Good luck! And hang in there.

xoxo Taylor Alt-Mama

06/23/2011 01:41

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I will go to tomorrow's appointment and just talk with the doctor but postpone the shots. I also believe that his first round was the catalyst for the eczema getting out of control. The 2nd round wasn't such a problem (on the surface at least), but as I want to start with the TCM, I find it counterproductive to blast him with another round right now. Plus, 2 weeks ago his eyes swelled up and he broke out in hives in reaction to who knows what. Like I said, he looks much better, but I know he's still uncomfortable; there's something under the surface and he's full of 'heat'-- as described by the TCM doctor. This is also obvious to me too -- he's kinda wild, his head is always really warm and he's itchy there. I am sure we can overcome this, but it's hard to suppress my nagging fears: will it come back in the winter? will he get asthma?

I really appreciate your input. I also find the TCM - and the whole immune system / dietary story - fascinating. We live in Germany so there is also a bit of a different take on things here- a bit more natural and a bit less hysterical than in the States. But challenging nonetheless.

Good luck with Kasper's further improvement!

And thanks again.

06/25/2011 12:13

Hi! My baby girl Marcie has eczema from 2 weeks old and got better with lots of moisturizers and some steroid cream. I haven't tried TCM though people kept recommending to me. I'm just surprised to know that it worked so fast because in Singapore, my friends who have tried TCM said it took some time before it worked. It's great to know things are better for you :)

06/25/2011 16:10

Hi Marcie Mom,

I'm glad to hear your daughter's eczema improved with moisturizers and steroids-- we really struggled to find moisturizers that didn't further aggravate Kaspar's skin (since he's allergic to nuts and, well, lots of other things). Steroid creams, too, while effective, become dangerous with longterm use, and we weren't able to come off of them without heading straight back in to the thick of it, within days. It sounds like Marcie's skin is under control now, but I recommend Florasone as a safe steroid cream alternative (also recommended this to Emilie). I'm not receiving any kind of kickback from them for pushing the product either, haha. It just worked for us.

I was amazed by how quickly TCM worked, as well, given how ineffective every other treatment had been. I think that babies typically respond much more quickly to TCM, because their systems are less entrenched in patterns and pathologies than adults'. That being said, I'm hoping the (actually pretty small) varicose vein in my leg goes away asap with the acupuncture! ;-)

Thanks for reading, and for your comment!

Taylor Alt-Mama

06/26/2011 13:59

Re. the Florasone -- I live in Germany and we also came across this a few months ago. A product called Halicar is the version available here. Both are based on the plant ingredient Cardiospermum. I think it's a great tip!

I'm not sure yet if it is improving my son's skin for good, but it is definitely relieving itchiness when it's acute. Like with all homeopathy, it probably takes a bit longer to see lasting results. For us it's been good, but not the 'cure'....not yet at least.

11/16/2011 19:06

Thank you for your blog update as I have experienced almost the exact same thing!!!

I have not tried TCM and I am hesitant To try products that I haven't seen any studies on, with scientific background validating ther safety.

How do you trust and know those herbs are safer than steroids? I ask this naively and honestly , not defensively: I am so on the fence on this.

Especially NAET.

It truly scares me to put my extremely high eosinophilic little man w raging hugh antibodies to it feels like everything....

How do you trust it?

Also curious if you have looked into National Jewish Health in Denver. It is a program for the severIst of all cases. There is a dr in Austin who did her training there and that is who we see. dr bianca gagliani

I am still interested inTCM but as soon as you said your son takes the herbs orally, it made me cautious of the aforementioned

04/29/2012 18:53

Hi, I live in Austin and am trying to locate Dr. Bianca Gagliani. Is she still practicing here?

01/13/2015 00:41

i would like to use tcm cz i had eczema too tried all kinds of products and skincare nothing until i bought the cream it really works it makes yyour skin smooth regretted of not buying it earlier.best of luck,tks usha from melaka ,malaysia

11/17/2011 19:12

Hi Jess,

Thanks for your comment. I'm on deadline so my response may be a little quick and dirty, but the short answer to your question(s) is that by the time we made our way to TCM, we'd tried western medicine, and it wasn't helping. It was clear to me that for all of their 'science' (and this is also no secret within the medical community), western allopathic medicine had little to nothing to offer for food allergies. Also, the TCM doctor we saw is a PhD (so, not just a TCM expert... and btw Chinese medicine has 5000+ years of credentials, you know?), the best guy around. I didn't just head to the intern clinic and let a newbie at my kid. I asked a million questions (big difference between the TCM docs treatment of my questions and the allergists, too), and then when we tried the herbs, I tried the tiniest amount possible on Kaspar's lip, and then tongue, and waiting with Epi pen and Benadryl in hand to see what happened. Then a quarter teaspoon, then a teaspoon, and then it was clear it was a go. This is exactly the approach that we have to take with lots of things... and it's what the western docs said to do with basically every food anyway, since they're the first to admit, too, that their tests don't mean much at all (i.e. Kaspar got a 1 for chicken but a 5 for apples on a scale of 1 to 5. But then the allergist says that some people are fine eating something they got a 5 on, and some people's lips blow up at a 1... Which of course made me wonder why we drew all that blood, though it turns out with Kaspar that the tests give at least some indication of the severity of his allergies).

So anyway, yeah, I didn't know for sure that the herbs would be safe but I was paranoid and careful enough to try them in the safest possible way, and desperate enough to give them a go. And the proof was in the pudding. Where steroids and creams and 24/7 medication didn't work, the herbs did.

As an update, Kaspar's quite stabilized at present, with a slowly expanding diet. He hasn't taken the herbs in a few months; I've just been too busy/lazy to make them up, and he's been coasting. We used to moisturize him eight times a day (allergist's orders). Now he only needs it once. We're still crazy careful about what goes in his mouth-- his allergies aren't 'gone'-- but his system is clearly, without a doubt more stable than it was a year ago, by a lot. We've just begun working with the naturopath again, as well, since Kaspar's in a better position to benefit from that now.

As for NAET, Kaspar never came into contact with any of the substances we addressed there. I held the vial of substance, he sat on my lap, and the lady tapped down my back... According to her, Kaspar is no longer allergic to eggs, for example, but I found the whole thing 1) dubious and 2) expensive, so we stopped after 15 treatments or so, and I'm not about to feed Kaspar an egg until he goes for 6+ months without showing any signs of food sensitivity (his does still have some of his skin symptoms to a far lesser degree than before, and that degree varies day to day, too... but it's all on a totally liveable scale now, whereas it used to be debilitating for all of us... He's such a happy guy these days). And, since we did all that testing, I'm not giving him any of the big-ticket allergenic items-- and there were a lot of them-- until we retest, and can compare against that initial baseline.

Let me know if you have additional questions. I'll definitely check out the Denver program-- good to know about, for sure.

12/25/2011 04:06

I've had this problem for quite awhile. I have undergone TCM for awhile with no visible results myself. May I know the herbs that Kaspar is on? They are TCM herbs I presume?

12/25/2011 04:06

I've had this problem for quite awhile. I have undergone TCM for awhile with no visible results myself. May I know the herbs that Kaspar is on? They are TCM herbs I presume?

01/22/2013 17:10

Hi Taylor. My friend referred me to your blog as luckily I do not have a child going through this issue, but I am and have been now for a couple of years. It started with becoming allergic to almonds...then a bunch more nuts....then all stone fruits....and now bananas, apples, zucchini, tomatoes, kiwi, sesame, peaches, plums, nectarines, cherries, apricots, peanuts, and all nuts. I don't have a major reaction but I do have constant post nasal drip that gives me a consistent sore throat. Until about 2 months ago when I discontinued the long list of items above I had hives on my face every single day. Most of these items gave me itchy lips and mouth and I'm certain has also been the cause of my chronic headaches over the last few years. I was taking antihistamines daily but decided the side affects were not worth it. Since I changed my diet I am feeling much better and the hives on my face have mostly subsided. BUT, I'd like to get back to eating more of these things. I hardly eat any processed foods, I'm extremely active, and I feel like I really take care of myself but excluding these things from my diet actually makes it hard to have a good nutritional variety. I don't have a huge budget to be enrolling myself in a natural clinic in the area (I live in Portland, Oregon so they are every where), so do you have a list of ingredients to try? Or is this something that is an individualized approach and you recommend going to see someone?

01/23/2013 06:51

Hi Sonya,

I'm so sorry to hear about your recent troubles with food allergies; the immune system is such a strange, ever-changing beast, and the medical community understands a frustratingly little amount about how it works. So far, you've done everything Western doctors will recommend, which is to avoid the offending foods, and take antihistamines. Unfortunately, as you've discovered, these 'solutions' aren't really solutions at all.

I definitely do think think TCM holds great promise for you, just because of the difference it's made for Kaspar. (He was allergic to apples and stone fruits too, but now eats them all the time... if you check out my more recent posts in the "food allergies" category here on the site, you can kind of track the improvements we've enjoyed, which are numerous and encouraging.) I also know that TCM is, as you suspect, a highly individualized system of medicine, which makes it tough to recommend certain remedies that'll work for everyone, and does necessitate your seeing a practitioner in person. Some practitioners do prescribe formulas in capsule form, but we've found that the individualized raw herb prescriptions created for Kaspar are most effective. You're going to want to work with someone who'll do this for you (rather than give you capsules and send you on your way).

Like Portland, Austin is also crawling with alternative health practitioners, and while I think most are probably very good for most things, our situation -- and it sounds like yours is similar -- made me feel we needed to see the best person we could find. When I want acupuncture for basically general concerns, I go to the intern clinic at the school here, and they're pretty good. It's also cheap. But for Kaspar, we requested the top doctor, a professional and a PhD, from China, someone who's up to speed on the latest in this evolving field (and it is evolving, at rapid speed, largely due to the new types of health issues being brought to the fore here in the West). Our practitioner's publicized rate is something like $200 an hour, but sees us for $20. I just asked for 'some kind of discount' when we first went in, explaining that it had been an expensive year or so (and it had, wow; we'd seen so many doctors, bought so many products, paid so many co-pays, and moved across the country in the midst of it). No one batted a lash, and we've been gifted our lower rate ever since. I think Kaspar is probably considered a pretty interesting case, but there is also a great deal of empathy for a child -- or anyone -- who is suffering, and you'd be surprised at how willing people are to help.

I suggest you find the best person possible, ask for a lower rate, get well (it may take time!) and then pay it forward as sincerely and meaningfully as you can.

Wishing you the best of luck, and vibrant good health! Keep me posted on your progress.

Much love,

Taylor (Alt-Mama)

03/01/2013 11:33

I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post

08/09/2013 22:10

We are suffering thru this right now. We've been to the doctors everywhere. Our problem is they say its not Eczema because the steroids made ours worse. Although our PEDS dr says its allergies but they are so extreme. Allegorical to wheat milk soy eggs cheese tomatoes corn coconut sweet potatoes olive oil and that's only what I know. I breast feed so my diets very limited. We've been trying the same method you've mentioned in your blog with being desensitized. I'm curious if it worked for you because it didnt work as well as I had hoped. We were allergic to EVERYTHING I brought in. We'd get desensitized and a week later he's allergic again. The dr said he's never seen that or to have to try to cure something 3 times.

Luckily for us we didn't get any shots because I'm allergic to eggs and my daughter is too so right away we knew not to. The dr said this would be ten times worse if we had. We got instant hives as well when we introduced the peas. I'm struggling with the lack of sleep right now from the constant itching and bloody sheets. We have it from forehead to neck and then both arms and both legs. I'm stuck in what to do. I own every ointment cream out there. I've even tried straight oils like Acocado oil. Our problem is something works for a bit and then stops working. We even switched to cloth diapers and redid his crib because he is allergic to polyester. While that helped immensely its not a cure. We put him in a carseat or his high chair instantly bright red. So frustrating! My friend sent me your post. I'm def going to read more. I started blogging so I could remember because its so much. I'm desperate to try something... Hoping your experiences help us! Thank you

04/03/2014 07:46

Oh my goodness, an eczema buddy sent me to your page and I almost cannot believe you are in Austin!!!!! Me too!!!!! We are dealing with several food allergies, but really the worst of it is the crazy eczema. We've been to a hospital in Denver to treat his eczema for two weeks and now we can't get off the steroids. It hurts me with every fiber of my being to be putting the topical steroids on him because I know this isn't the fix, BUT he has his life back. Sure we still aren't completely clear and he still itches, but he's three and he is sleeping and comfortable for the most part. I'm SOOOOOOO interested in who you saw and all the other details. Can I email you?


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