Baby O turned full-term yesterday, which means this rocket could launch just about any time! (But probably not for a couple more weeks.)
And, while I'm behind on posting, I am T-minus two hours away from finishing up my summer work and waddling (did you notice in the above photo that I can barely stand up? Thank god for vintage Ford pickups to lean on! I'm lucky in that I have only gained about 11 pounds -- I rocked the basketball-baby carry when pregnant with Kaspar, too -- but I'm pretty sure the center-of-gravity situation has reached a point of impossibility...)  right into maternity leave. I.e. kiddie pool + coconut water mocktails + do-not-disturb sign around my neck. I am such a happy lady! And I'll get right on the posting thing. Have a wonderful weekend! xo Taylor Alt-Mama
08/23/2013 15:50

Been checking in for baby news! You are rockin the basketball bump!


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