Aaron was out with our car yesterday afternoon, so I toted Kaspar home from school via the city bus -- which he loves -- and a neighborhood walk. We saw plant life aplenty, even the most mundane of which -- here in Austin -- still strikes my East coast fancy as enticingly exotic. We snapped some photographs and collected a handful of wildflowers for a colorful kitchen-table bouquet.
What's growing in your neck of the woods?
05/06/2012 20:04

Cool cactus! And palms! I'm hoping my vegetable garden yields some good edible plant life soon. Did you ever plant yours? I remember you wrote about composting a couple of months ago.

05/07/2012 21:25

I've been so busy working and such that gardening has not yet happened. Plus, I'm not good at not being good at things, and most good gardeners I know insist that a) gardening is simple (if you have the right PH in your soil, the right light, the right timing, etc. etc.) and b) in the first year of gardening, one is bound to fail. SO. Here's to motivation! But, we do have our compost, and I'm determined. We may have missed the boat on in-ground planting season (it's hot as hell here already), but I want to make our little back porch/deck into a potted garden wonderland, especially now that Kaspar's produce options have broadened. Can zucchini grow in a pot? How about carrots? Beets? We'll see, but I'm gonna try. Might go in for some flowers, too. I have a lot to learn. I'll definitely chronicle it here! Good luck with your yield-- no doubt you'll get some good edibles. :-)


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