I haven't been neglecting you, blog. I've been busy working, and playing nurse to the Newman boys, who're finally up and running after a series of unfortunate germ-battles that felled many a diaper before making their departure at the end of this week. But depart they did. And we partied on. Here's Kaspar on his way to a fete this afternoon (French Cannes Cannes, I know about that little thing that goes over the e... I just don't know how to type it. Do tell.) Enjoy the video. And turn down your volume FIRST if your babies are sleeping.
10/09/2011 00:32

I'm glad everyone is feeling better (and that you're back and partying on!) I can sympathize- I've got La Crève myself:-( I used the know the shortcuts on American keyboards for French accents, but now that my laptop is français, I've got the real thing...here- fête! (copy and paste!) :-)! Party on Wayne!

Ellen B.
10/09/2011 11:51

Lol! Looks like someone's excited to party.


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