Last time I wrote about juicing, Kaspar didn’t yet share my enthusiasm for it. Recently, however, little man has come around in a serious way. We’ve tried some new foods with him lately; strawberries, apples, cucumbers and beets (all of which used to cause either immediate hives or next-day eczema flares) are now safe for him to eat, so I’ve been throwing all of those items, as fresh, organic chunks – plus carrot, ginger and handfuls of spinach – into the juicer every afternoon when Kaspar gets home from school. He likes to help me drop the produce into the juicer’s feed, too; and although juicing collaboratively takes a bit longer (because I turn the juicer off each time we reload with new handfuls of fruits and vegetables, so as to avoid accidentally juicing any wayward extremeties), being involved in the process makes Kas twice as excited for the finished product. He sucks his servings down within a minute or two of my filling his cup, and then asks for what’s left in mine.

Interestingly, his eczema has disappeared (as in, it's actually gone) since he started pouring liquid vitamins into his system on a daily basis. We also have the Ayurvedic treatments, vitamin D3, and the usual probiotics (and such) going, and I'm guessing we're seeing the benefits of their combined effects. TCM and Ayurveda, plus time, have strengthened and normalized his system, enabling him to tolerate more foods. And his system likes the nutrients those foods contain, and is better able to heal itself when receiving fresh vitamins and minerals, especially in the form of juice, which is more easily assimilated in the body.

I won't be surprised if Kaspar has another eczema flare in the near-future, but we appear to have turned a corner, regardless. We’ve gone from managing eczema all the time -- and we have developed an effective system for that --  to ceasing all use of petroleum-based moisturizers (coconut oil massages, baths and a full-body slather with this each night are getting the job done), and I haven’t needed our homeopathic hydrocortisone cream alternative in weeks; despite its being non-steroidal, homeopathic and cleared by our naturopath as harmless (even in large and ongoing doses), we’ve been quite reliant on it for over a year, so suddenly NOT needing it indicates to me that things are truly shifting. Since Kaspar’s skin is in such good shape, he’s also sleeping better. We got two full, uninterrupted nights’ sleep this past week, which, after two full years of not getting those, ever, counts as a huge win for Team Newman. Here’s hoping we score more of the same in the coming weeks, even—perhaps? – making all-night sleepathons a regular thing. Ongoing.

Aside from these most notable positive changes, I love that Kaspar’s a fan of fresh juices because he’s otherwise, lately, disproportionately fond of eating organic (wheat/filler-free… gotta check for that) chicken hot dogs. Lots of chicken hot dogs. Which is fine, except that my trick of telling him pureed spinach is a dip for hot dogs that equals ketchup (another new, and hugely popular food item) in deliciousness only worked for... one meal.  (Why did I even try? Because I’m an optimist, that’s why). But getting Kaspar to drink whole handfuls of leafy greens, and a host of other veggies, in juice form? Well, that requires no trickery at all. Happy boy, happy mama. 

02/27/2013 16:41

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