I just finished writing a piece for WorkingMother.com about Nancy Traversy, the inspiring entrepreneur mom behind Barefoot Books. For those of you who haven’t yet had the good fortune of encountering Barefoot, I’m so honored to be making the introduction: Barefoot Books is a ground-breaking children’s book publishing company that’s reinvented an industry in the midst of bringing positive, lyrical, beautiful books into the lives of families around the world. My article will be published on WM’s site at the end of this month; I’ll of course be sure to let you know so you can read up on Nancy’s journey (it’s really something). In the meantime, I just exchanged a few final emails with my editor about working a full-disclosure clause into my article’s copy; I am so in love with Barefoot—with their celebration of art, story, cultural diversity and imaginative play—and so impressed with their business model (here’s a teaser: no big box stores in this mix), that I just had to get involved.

Thus, I’m proud to debut the Alt-Mama Store with some of our family’s favorite Barefoot titles. These books encourage close connection between us all while at the same time cultivating a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world at large. This is true for Kaspar, who points to details within the illustrations and listens with rapt attention (and big smiles) to each story— and it’s also true for us, his parents, as we read the books aloud.

Choose from the titles I’ve curated right here on the Alt-Mama site, or click through to explore the entire Barefoot Books collection, sorting by subject, age, and more. Either way, your actual point of purchase will take place on the Barefoot end— and yes, it’s supposed to work that way—but Alt-Mama will get the credit and the kick-back… and Kaspar will one day go to college. ;-)

Just one more thing before you get to shopping: I’ve got a special coupon code for you! If it’s your first time buying from Barefoot and you’re coming right from Alt-Mama (as in, through a link like this one), enter the code AMBFTN at checkout, and you’ll receive 15% off.

Thanks for supporting mom-businesses, big and small, and keep on reading with your kiddos!

Ps. Come back to the Alt-Mama Store soon to peruse fresh Barefoot selections, and to pick up everything from wall art to onesies—coming soon!

07/14/2011 11:45

Our family is "living barefoot", and we love this company too. It's nice that you've made specific recommendations in the store. I'll be sure to come back for the onesies and things you will add. Congratulations on your grand opening!

07/15/2011 09:17

I'm so excited to see Alt Mama up and running! Congratulations, Taylor!

07/19/2011 21:26

Thanks NoelleP and Sherri! :-)


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