A Happy Chewbacca
We had plans to trick-or-treat with three other families, but ended up canceling the powwow due to our family's current status as total germbags. This head cold that Kaspar carried home from daycare over a month ago has been circulating through our ranks ever since. Kaspar and Aaron, while still snot-covered and coughing (respectively), have mostly recovered. I, however, held out until about Friday, when this thing finally took me down, and hard. I've taken about twelve hot showers since then (the congestion war is on), but haven't changed out of my lounge pants. I feel pretty gross. Omit the pretty. But, I've got my echinacea and my juicer, and I'm skipping class and work today in the name of R&R. Sick days aren't what they used to be (i.e. my R&R is up at noon when K arrives back home), but I've got a whole lot of stuff to do, so the goal here is a fast recovery.

We'll see our family friends soon enough, but I was seriously disappointed to be sick during Halloween; Kaspar was going trick-or-treating for the first time, and we decided Aaron would accompany him, while I stayed home wallowing in my sicky filth. I loaded Aaron up with the Epi Pen and camera (adding that the former better not get used, and the latter better get filled). Then couldn't help myself, and trailed them on their first stop of the trick-or-treat tour (costumed as a, um, crackhead). 

Holy cuteness. So glad I did.  

For the record, Aaron is not freakishly tall. This is an angle-driven optical illusion (and Kaspar is really pretty short, so...).
Signing for "more" blueberries.
Kaspar and I had practiced the trick-or-treat routine. He was on board for one round, but lost interest after that first house. Aaron took him for a little walk in the stroller and started up another driveway, but Kaspar preferred to keep strolling. Fine by us. I went home, and the boys returned in about five minutes (Kaspar was yawning).

I'd been a little concerned that confiscating Kaspar's loot would traumatize him for life. It just seems so wrong, as a concept; Aaron and I both remember rolling in our giant candy stashes, as kids, at the end of the night, and making ourselves sick on Reese's cups. But, Reese's cups are bad news bears for Mr. Allergy over here, so, confiscate we must. I'm happy to report that trading blueberries for candy went over like a charm. I'm still hell-bent on curing Kaspar of all allergy-related stuff (we're still rocking the Chinese herbs, and adding Homeopathy back into the mix... More on that soon), so am not going to think ahead as to whether this trick will work again next year. We'll take next year as it comes. I'm just glad this year's holiday didn't end with a sad Chewbacca. Quite the contrary.

After Kas was in bed, Aaron and I hunkered down on the couch to watch Midnight Cowboy and eat Almond Joys, occasionally peeking through the blinds at the little flashlight beams trailing up and down the street, and listening to the happy chatter as our trick-or-treaters claimed their prizes on our front porch. In lieu of actually scaring the shit out of all of our new neighbors (my voice is totally shot, so I sound like I'm talking through one of those Christopher Reeve voicebox things), I put out our candy with an honor-system sign and called it done.

Kaspar dipping into our own supply.
What did your kids (and/or you) dress as? And for those of you with food-allergic kiddos who are old enough to know you're stealing their candy... how do you swing it? 

And, welcome to November! It's my birthday month. I'll be 27 by the time it's over. That's freaking me out. But that's another post for another day.

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween!


11/01/2011 11:51

The blueberry pic looks properly halloweenish, too. And mini-chewbacca is so adorable. I'm glad you all had fun, and feel better soon!

04/10/2012 21:21

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11/02/2011 08:12

What a cute chewie! My little boy is 14 mths old so we didn't trick or treat this year, but I feel kinda guilty not dressing him up. Last yr he was 2 mths and I put him in a little skeleton sleep and play, this yr he wore a thermal shirt he sleeps in with skulls and bones. Speaking of...where did you get Kaspar's little skull and bones jacket in the pics on the home page. I've been trying to find one. Anyway loved the take one Santa is watching sign on the candy. HAHA! I wanted so badly to tell a couple of rude trick or treaters that same thing. Hope you feel better soon! Being sick at Halloween is the worse. Oh and happy early B-day. Enjoy 27!!! I turned 30 this yr...ugh! Not so bad since i still feel like a teenager...LOL...but my husband turns 29 tmr...so I felt old when I realized that. Oh to be in my 20s again!

11/02/2011 08:39

When you said Chewbacca outfit, I imagined that he was wearing the mask too. I'm glad that His Cuteness wasn't outshone by Chewie.

As for confiscating his haul, I honestly thought I was the only mother who did that ;-) Next year, it may be more tricky for us both.

I hope you're feeling better now. There's nothing grimmer than being in the same yoga pants for five days in a row ...

02/19/2012 09:15

Just found your site today through Parenting.com. I know it's been forever, but I thought I would answer your question.

I have a 6 1/2 year old who is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, wheat, oats, barley, flax, sesame and mustard. We have to confiscate all his candy as well, and at his age he is obviously aware of what is happening. We make the swap a big, fun deal. We spill it out and count it all and he swaps some candy for safe candy that I bought, then selects the rest of it to swap for a toy that he has been lusting after. Usually legos, these days. Believe it or not, he looks forward to it and feels lucky he gets some choice over what he gets. I think kids like ours who have had food allergies as long as they can remember have a different perspective on it than kids who are having something they loved taken away. I try very hard to create fun non-food related memories for him to take the place of everything he might miss out on because of his allergies.

11/03/2012 18:53

Thanks for sharing how you guys handle Halloween, Lissa! It sounds like your son has allergies to a similar extent as Kaspar does, which makes any safe candy pretty tough to come by. We actually thought about swapping Kaspar's candy out for a toy this year, but decided he's too young for it. Having gone around trick-or-treating only to have his stash taken from him -- toy or no toy -- seemed like trouble. We came up with another solution instead (http://www.alt-mama.com/1/post/2012/11/halloween-croup-and-cleansing-a-three-for-one-deal-of-a-post.html), but I think as he gets older, this solution will lose its power and the toy one will be most viable. I am so glad to hear it's worked well for your family, and to hear from another mom who's contending with allergies, like we are, and making fun memories nonetheless! Thanks again. :-)

01/22/2014 05:47

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