(a) Herbal (rooibos) tea with full-fat, raw local milk; (b) Sliced fresh berries; (c) Homemade paneer (made from said local milk); (d) Gorilla Munch. (Note that corn cereal is not the healthiest thing Kaspar could be eating, but he's pretty into it, so... a part of this complete breakfast it is).

Slinky, crayons and paper= incidentals.

What's on your breakfast table?
05/12/2012 12:32

This is great! My kids are eating toaster waffles for breakfast lately. I get the natural, whole-grain kind, and we spread nut butters and honey on them. Quick and tasty. We have crayons on the table too, usually lol. What is paneer?

05/14/2012 19:37

Good idea re: toaster waffles with nut butters. I might start rockin' that myself (Kaspar can't eat wheat or nuts, so... Gorilla Munch, yay!). Paneer is a fresh Indian soft cheese (delicious). I bet you've seen/eaten it in dishes with spicy greens. I'll post a recipe for that, and Kefir cheese, in the next week or two. Thanks for your comment. :-)

05/14/2012 16:53

Whenever crayons/toys/anything else makes it on the table, no eating happens for our distractable dear one. . . She eats *the same thing* every day! Peanut-butter-butter, which is buttered toast with peanut butter on it. Breakfast of a champion indeed!

05/14/2012 19:39

Hey, if it works, why switch it up, right? Ha. Crayons are a crapshoot for us-- sometimes they mean Kaspar will sit at the table for a while longer and actually allow Aaron and me to finish our sentences, and sometimes they devolve into distraction-central. We only really allow toys at the table during breakfast. Dinner certainly isn't formal, but we try to stick to our routine of a sit-down family meal (and if that lasts for three minutes or less, hey-- we tried). Thanks for sharing!

05/14/2012 20:14

Where. The Hell. DidyoufindRAWMILK?!

05/15/2012 09:24

Oh Nicole-- this one's easy. I'll connect you with the local contact. We pick up every other week from a drop-off point. Stuff is SO good (and so good for you... pasteurized milk is just not the same food).


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