Happy Birthday New Blog!
Apologies for my relative absence as of late. After a pleasant post-holidays lull, things are back in full swing in the wonderful worlds of kiddo-rearing, working, massaging (I'm rocking my internship! 36 massage hours plus one big, scary licensing exam to go and I am LEGIT), and writing. In fact, I have some exciting news about that last item there; I am the proud conversation-queen at a brand spankin' new blog on Parenting.com: 100% Natural Parenting. As I wrote in my "coming soon" post on the site:

 "I’ll be posting twice weekly about everything under the natural parenting sun, culling the current hot topics from the great wide blogosphere (plus major news sources, Twitter, or wherever the action is). So, while I’ll no doubt still deliver delicious excerpts of Newman family living (because what is a blog without all-night barfathons?), my focus here on Parenting.com is shifting somewhat to all that’s wild and wonderful in the world of green mamahood. Opinion-sharing (with manners, please) will be encouraged, and all perspectives appreciated!"

Anyway. You know what to do. Bookmark that baby and bring it on. Throw your two cents in. Or five, or ten. I'm excited to get to write about natural parenting as it applies to celebrity parents, back-to-the-land/off-the-grid families, and everyone in between. And I'm looking forward to seeing you all in there, keeping it fresh. (Meanwhile, Alt-Mama.com will remain my personal domain for all things down home.)
01/24/2012 18:45

Love everything I just read, Taylor, and that facemash photo, sublime! In view of our simpatico, my publisher Sentient and I would love to send you a review copy of my new book "Parenting for Peace: Raising the Next Generation of Peacemakers," if you would like that. If so, please email me your mailing address. It came off the press yesterday (4 days shy of the birthday of my next youngest "baby," my daughter Eve, turning 21). Goes on sale mid-Feb.

I've got a little constituency in Austin--one of my favorite towns!--so am hoping to get by there via the book tour. If so, I hope maybe you'll come out. Meanwhile, congrats on the new natural parenting blog--you're helping out SO many mammas & their families I've no doubt!

I'll look forward to hearing from you...

01/29/2012 19:07

Your book sounds wonderful Marcy-- I'll send you my address, and hope to meet you when you come through Austin!

01/25/2012 11:14

That's wonderful - well done. I look forward to reading it.


01/29/2012 19:09

Thanks CJ! :-)

01/29/2012 14:20

Loved your piece on the CDC homebirth data on your new blog for Parenting - really appreciated your personal take on the data! Looking forward to reading more!

01/29/2012 19:12

So glad you liked the piece, Jeanette! I'm always open to topic suggestions, too, so keep me posted as things catch your eye. :-)


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