Oh, hi! How long have you been standing there? Forgive me if I'm a little distracted; I'm deep in the heart of busy season down here. Without getting into too much detail, I have four big projects to complete this week and next, and am also studying for the MBLEX in order to finally get my massage license. (I finished massage school, and a fifty-hour internship, back in the spring. Since I can take the test -- my final hurdle -- at any time, I thought I'd wait for a slow month in order to give myself a window for review before taking the exam and updating all of you. Then I realized I don't have slow months, and signed up anyway, for August 7. Wish me luck.) Kaspar's school is also on a brief hiatus at present. It's been a little nuts, but I'm thankfully not driving this bus alone this time. Aaron's doing morning/early-afternoon kiddo care while I work it. From home. Specifically, my home office. So come in! (Can I get you something? Coffee?)

Since multitasking is my workday M.O., my work space is deliberately minimalist. I prefer for my surroundings to be relatively clean-lined and uncluttered. That way, when I have three email exchanges going rapid-fire, and 20 documents open on my computer, I can look away, take a breath, and get my zen calm on. It works for me. 

Aaron and I share the office, actually, and while his desk is big and black, and his monitor super-sized (he's an illustrator, so his gear is extra fancy), my space is largely neutral, with soft lighting, a few bolts of color or contrast, and a laptop that closes shut. 

I started with the desk, of course (remember this vintage score?); I love it now as much as ever. It's perfect for writing, but has a few big drawers that can handle files (or clutter, in a pinch), and fits well against our wall. Although there's a window several feet to my right when I'm working, I like facing the wall in this way; it provides a certain sense of enclosure and focus that's really helpful in the midst of multiple professional and environmental distractions. (Facebook-al distractions, however, can't be helped).

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I wanted a small lamp that wouldn't overwhelm my desktop, which isn't very deep and which I often need to spread out on (computer open, notebook open, beverage nearby). I also wanted something eye-catching; I found just the thing at World Market. The lamp's classic lines and bright, modern colors (long live turquoise and brown!) make me happy. And it does its job damn well. Namely, lighting my desk.

I've been a little reluctant to add desktop items, but I think I need a stackable inbox-outbox situation. I frequently have papers/forms/contracts that need filling out, signing and sending off, and they can get a little confusing just piling up ad-hoc. Office supplies in general remind me of cubicles and lifeless corporate spaces, but I'm coming to realize there are reasons behind staplers and magnetic paperclip containters. When I do cave in, I'll just get the boring versions because anything too creative runs the risk of looking cutesy, and nothing screams soul-sucking cubicle life like cutesy paper clip holders, you know? It's a slippery slope from there to tan stockings worn with running shoes, and I'm not risking it.

Because I'm a mom, I've reserved one of my drawers for important Kaspar-related documents, insurance cards, and the like. I can take care of all the personal business I like while working, so I made life easy for myself and put it all within reach. 

Below please note my bulletin board. Simple enough. And my chair. Not simple at all, and I'm not sure if it works? I read something somewhere about the cleverness of pairing modern desk chairs with vintage desks, but I wonder if something wooden and painted (maybe turquoise, to match the lamp, or would that be too much?) might better suit the set-up. Then again, maybe I like it. As you can tell, I'm on the fence. 
That there above is a (somewhat blurry) picture of the Hindu goddess Kali. I picked it up at our local Indian market for, like, two dollars, and it's rad. Also, sparkly. Kali is a total badass. Look her up.

To the right? Another wine crate! It's installed above the bulletin board and houses books I'm currently thumbing through, a Maurice Sendak card, some peacock feathers... The truth is I'm afraid to use it like the shelf that it is and stack it with weighty things lest it come crashing down and kill me while I toil on the interwebs. That's just not the way I want to go. 
We plan to hang a few framed posters on the remaining wall-space, put the rug back down and get a filing cabinet and bookshelf for the heavy duty office storage stuff. Other than that, the office is pretty much a done deal. Now that I think of it, a hanging plant could be cool... Anyway, I like the way my little space turned out. It feels inviting, as any good workspace should, if you want to get work done there.

What do you think? How does your work space reflect and meet your likes and needs? Takeaways? Action items? Thanks for stopping by!
08/09/2012 19:02

So peaceful. I'm stealing the wine crate shelving idea!

06/12/2014 06:40

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