I have four very pregnant friends right now, and another who just had her baby! More on this soon (wink-wink), but I'm now more certain than ever that baby fever is indeed highly contagious. And although I kind of tapped out my creative Christmas gift stores doing up Kaspar's big present this year -- and am as a result yet to even send cards to our friends and fam (sorry, y'all, we'll get on the belated shipments soon) -- I just can't help myself when it comes to crafting handmade baby presents. 

Though far from an expert sewer, something about fun fabrics and pregnant pals just keeps calling me back to quilting. (Apologies to any grandmothers turning over in their graves right now at my use of that term in reference to my highly improvisational approach to this hobby.) Baby-size quilts, in particular, give me my mix-and-match color-infused fix, while remaining doable in scale; I haven't yet gotten into sewing to the extent that I find myself lost dreamily in the process, so thoroughly absorbed in the task at hand that I become one with all beings (etc.). Instead, I swear off another quilt every time I hit the half-way mark while making one, disliking the apparent need for attention to detail and the commitment it takes to see the project through. But baby quilts go pretty quickly, and I love them so much every time I get to the finish line that I continue hoarding fabric and planning for the next. In the case of this most recent project, I was so pleased with the final result that I had a hard time letting it go -- but I do (love-hate relationship with sewing or not) have at least one more quilt in me, and I'll make that soon enough. For all I know -- said I to myself -- these girly colors won't be appropriate to the occasion, anyway, so it's surely best to give this one to the beautiful baby girl it was intended for from the start. And of course I'm delighted to do so. I hope it keeps her warm on windy outings, and that she wiles away many a tummy time session examining its bold, contrasting hues.


So who is the little lady deluxe, you may be wondering? I'm sure her birth story will be coming soon; you'll be able to find it here on Parenting.com. (It promises to be GOOD, so keep an eye out.) Baby's mama, Melanie, has been blogging through her pregnancy on all manner of natural birth and beautiful nursery topic. Read up! Such great stuff. Knowing that Melanie's newest little is her one and only girl-baby to date, I decided to go all out and let the girly colors go wild in her quilt; I thought when I first picked up the pink leopard print that it might be too loud to ever really land front and center in, well, anything I made, but then it paired just perfectly with the almost lacey-looking Mexican skull print... so that was that. (The latter fabric gives it a bit of sass, too, no?) The darker accent fabric squares, which echo some of that bright pink (and bright in general) action, also provide somewhat neutralizing background colors to keep the whole thing grounded. The border and back are a shimmery, smooth blue-and-white gingham. I wasn't sure if that would work. You can't really see the shimmery-ness of it in the photos, but in person, it's pretty nice. I filled the quilt with an organic cotton batting, and will ship it off shortly to babycake and Mama.

For my next quilt, I plan to graduate to fabric shapes beyond squares and more squares. I'm on the lookout for inspiration, so please share any relevant links or ideas in the comments! In the meantime, here's hoping Melanie and her little love are pleased with this simple (squares and more squares), yet super-bright baby blanket. Made with love by me. Because the second most satisfying thing to cooing over a new baby in person is sending something soft for her family to wrap her in. 

Do you like it? What are you making these days? Link me to some cute baby quilts I can draw inspiration (if not derive perfection) from!
01/08/2013 19:45

So so soooo cute! I'm jealous, I still haven't finished my project! But soon! Hopefully tomorrow. I've got a to-do list a mile long!

Great job mama! *wink wink*

01/18/2013 16:05

I just saw your to-do list on Instagram. It IS long. Dang! I've decided Tuesday is my official day off (on the regular) so let's craft it up, and knock some of those to-do's on out. :-)

01/09/2013 16:04

I like it! I'm so boring with color - I admire your color bravery! Do you sew by hand or with a machine? I love making baby blankets, but so far I only crochet:-( do a how to post!

01/18/2013 16:09

I will try to do a tutorial with my next quilt, although my method is extremely improvisational. Basically attach part a to part b, to part c, and try to make it somewhat accurately quilt-like.

I do use a machine. I know it's kinda hard to tell, haha. ;-) I would definitely not have the patience to sew by hand. I once tried to learn to knit, in college, but I kept making my little loops smaller and smaller until the needles were pressed together so tightly I couldn't move them at all. I would love to know how to crochet -- I keep seeing super cute crochet-wares on Pinterest yet, sigh, I can only admire, rather than replicate, them.

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