We had a Murphy's Law kind of week up in here: Stomach flu (extra uncool for co-sleepers, for the record), broken phones and vehicles (utterly without warning), more bureaucracy than I even want to think about (two words: insurance renewal) and general chaos ensued. Yet, I bowed my head to the wind (and borrowed the babysitter's car...) and made it through three presentations at three separate conference-center locations, and a final exam, before finally collapsing into bed last night, feverish and begging whatever vengeful Voodoo god I've wronged to take pity on my poor, spent soul. My message must have been received, because I felt just fine today, and having no wheels and no desire to wander, spread out on the deck with Kaspar-- and some watercolors-- to wait out this full moon. 

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And just like that, my soul is healed.
11/18/2011 08:49

That boy has some mad skillz. Hope you're having a better week! xx

11/26/2011 03:58

What a cutie pie!! Love him! He's doing fantastic! he learned it from his daddy huh?


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