We were all super sick for a while there, so I missed a week (whatever hit Austin hit HARD this year). Happy to report we're all back to 100% now. 
Kas and Otto: You love each other.
Otto: You're scrumptious.
Kaspar: Here you are with your teacher, Miss Elizabeth. Too cute.



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Kaspar: You've had a cold this week (we all have), but there's no stopping you.
Otto: Evidently, I am hilarious.




Kaspar: This morning, you sang Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" while playing with your helicopters. "You got me searching for a heart of go-o-old... Gettin' old."
Otto: You're a happy, mellow little man, especially when you're held. Which is pretty much all the time.
We're happy about hemp seed butter on sliced bananas.
I can't even begin to count the number of times I've gotten excited about a grain-free dessert dish looking all pretty on Pinterest, only to discover upon clicking further that it calls for nut flours or butters, or both. I can usually hack my way around the flour problem by substituting with quinoa or coconut flour, but I've been stumped by the nut butter problem for a while.

Not anymore.

Enter: hemp seed butter. It's a hypoallergenic wonder-food, full of essential fatty acids and a sweet, nutty taste, and a texture that gives ants on a log its proper place in a nut-allergic home, and – yes – subs in perfectly for peanut or almond butter in all of those Pinterest-sourced Paleo recipe finds. And the truth is, Paleo friends (love you as I do), you probably shouldn't be eating as many nuts as you are via baked goods. They're tough on the digestive tract. But hemp seeds? Green light. Go to town. (Trust me, once you taste this stuff, you'll want to eat your face off...)

Here's What You'll Need:

  • 1 cup shelled hemp seeds
  • 3 Tablespoons raw hemp seed oil
  • 2 Tablespoons maple syrup or raw honey

Here's What You'll Do:

Use a food processor or blender to combine all ingredients. Enjoy as you would a nut butter. Yum.





I think this little dude might be teething.
I took this photo last week; Otto's been chewing on his hands -- and now an actual teether -- like crazy. He's going to pop a tooth one of these days. Exciting!

No portrait of Kaspar from last week -- he's so busy -- it's hard to catch him still long enough even for a very fast shutter. 




I'm replacing Friday Snapshots with The 52 Project this year: a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2014.
Kaspar: You have discovered superheroes. You're fascinated. (And you've been chasing a lot of bad guys.)
Otto: You're four months old. You're rolling over like a pro, and I think you'll soon be army crawling.
This afternoon, Kaspar and I made a "stained glass" luminary for the DIY-fly mantel display we've been pulling together over the past several weeks. It was a perfect after-school, pre-holiday project, offering a variety of high-tactile tasks to keep my busy big-man interested and absorbed, but not with so many steps that I lost him along the way. He loved every minute of it -- all twenty or so. This project could work with younger toddlers, too, as well as bigger big-kids, who could experiment with creating actual shapes and images with the paper collage portion of the project. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's take it from the top:

Materials for this project are simple, green, and probably items you already have on hand. Gather up some tissue paper (just whatever you've amassed over birthdays and Christmases past... recycle!), a mason jar, and some Mod Podge and you're good to go. (Regular Elmer's glue might even work, but I haven't tried it.) Oh, and a big paintbrush, or something else to apply your glue with; we used a sponge already glittered from another craft project... and our hands.
Tear up the tissue paper into pieces of various shapes and sizes. Then, apply a first layer of Mod Podge/glue all over the mason jar.
Apply your tissue paper to the outside of the mason jar, adding as many layers as you'd like, and applying more glue over each layer. Be sure to flatten your paper out as you go; it can fold over onto itself in all kinds of messy ways, but flattening it so it's flush against the jar will make for a better-looking final product.
Finish with a final layer of Mod Podge/glue -- we also added some glitter for holiday sparkle -- and let dry.
Voila! You're finished! Just add a tea-light candle and some old-school Gene Autry tunes and boom: instant Christmas magic.
Kaspar was home with the barfs yesterday, so we busted out the glitter.
Otto's finally gotten into taking daytime naps.
And here's what he does the rest of the time. Such a happy guy!




His teacher told me he wanted it to say, "I am thankful for my underwear and nothing else."
Happy Thanksgiving!